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Learn how to build professional websites for companies, schools, Oil and gas, real estate, government agencies, NGOs and other multi-national organizations. Almost everyone find it interesting visual-chatting-live. It’s in this knowledge JoFolio created this platform – JoWeb where we use online classroom app to train folks live-online in a fun and interactive sessions.

All you need is a laptop (installed with CorelDRAW, Photoshop and App) and good internet connection to enjoy live training sessions on Nigeria’s 1st Live Training Platform.

Online Classroom Options

Web Design (Group) ₦40,000
(Mondays-Wednesdays) 2 hours / day
– Join upcoming batch schedule
– You can rollover modules on demand
– Interactive sessions

Web Design (Personal) ₦60,000
(Pick 3 days per week) 2 hours / day
– create your own schedule
– space your modules
– Interactive sessions

Course Duration
10 Weeks

Convenient Session
Morning 10am-12pm | Evening 4pm-6pm

(GMT +1 – West Africa Time)


Convenient Payment
Pays-as-you-go (Weekly) or Full

Web Designer

Creative, digital professionals who builds websites with Content Management Systems (CMS). Prominent among them is WordPress.

Web Design Class

Start the first Monday of every month

Landing Page

Landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Unlike web pages, which typically have many goals and encourage exploration, landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action (or CTA, for short).

Landing Page Training

Learn to Build Landing Pages ₦20,000
(Pick 3 days per week) 2 hours / day
– create your own schedule
– space your modules
– Interactive sessions

Course Outline
• Introduction to Web Technologies (Platforms)
• Domain, Subdomain, Addon Domain, SSL, WHOIS
• Domain Name Registration
• Hosting Type (Linux, Windows etc), Plan
• Organizing Login Details (website description, URL, password)
• cPanel - Control Panel
• Softaculous
• Website Installation (WordPress)
• Flag (Coming soon, Maintenance)
• Themes, Page Builders and Plugins
• User (Create New, Update User)
• Website Security (Spam Protection, Wordfence and
Change Default Admin Login)
• Footer Edit (Customize and Theme Editor)

Course Duration
4 Weeks

Convenient Session
Morning 10am-12pm | Evening 4pm-6pm
(GMT +1 - West Africa Time)

Convenient Payment
Pays-as-you-go (Weekly) or Full

Virtual Assistant

Provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

Virtual Assistance Training

Become a Virtual Assistant ₦6,000
(Pick 2 days) 2 hours / day
– Interactive sessions

Course Outline
> Online Technical Assistance
How to:
• Secure PC / Remove Virus
• Install Software
• Recover Data
> Social Media Marketing Assistance
How to run:
• Facebook Sponsored Ads
• Instagram Sponsored Ads
• Google Sponsored Ads

Course Duration
2 Days

Convenient Session
Morning 10am-12pm | Evening 4pm-6pm
(GMT +1 - West Africa Time)

Self-Study Handbook

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Femi Oginni
Femi OginniWeb Design Learner

I love JoWeb - web design course was made easy to understand. It's exciting to build and launch my Web Design Agency website!

John Ikpe
John IkpeWeb Design Learner

JoWeb is exceptional - training method is simple. I was able to build and launch my Foreign Education Admissions website. It's an exciting experience!

Olakunle Odejide
Olakunle OdejideCTLiMarketing / ITNG360

I enjoyed a couple of web design service, among others an NGO and a Company website, and also the documentations as well as the training on website Admin Dashboards. As a partner, I recommend JoWeb.

Mayowa Adeagbo
Mayowa AdeagboDe Cruisers Travels & Recruitment

JoFolio revamped my outdated Travels and Recruitment website into a new and user friendly website. I was taught how to organize my client database. It was a nice experience! This is why I recommend JoWeb.

Terrence Antigha
Terrence AntighaDavanti

I was trained on two website Admin Dashboards including documentations for both - Freight and Hospitality websites. Partnering with JoFolio made both web projects worthwhile! I recommend JoWeb.

Henry Nichol
Henry NicholNichotech Group Ltd

Digital ads designed by JoFolio boosted my digital marketing campaign. I also received professional advise on how to improve the UI and UX of my website. I recommend taking a course on JoWeb.

Some of the tools you’ll learn

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Learn to develop functional websites while writing less code.

Why become a Web Designer?

  • Be Independent: Start your own Web Design Agency. Being self-employed allows you to pick what clients you want to work with, set your rates and work hours, specialize in websites for a certain business industry and hone your business and marketing skills.
  • Work in a growing industry: Increase your earning after the training. Web Designers and Developers are in high demand. Every company needs a website and wants to keep it looking current.

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